On-Skate Coaching


On-Skate Performance Coaching

Whether you’ve never skated before or already skate with a team, we’re here to help you improve your skating performance.

Skating not only provides a low impact exercise to improve your physical and mental strength through highly coordinated movement, it is also an avenue for improving self satisfaction through physical accomplishments.  At APECS, we will set you up with an individualized plan that will allow you to successfully advance your on-skate training.  Let us take out the guesswork, when it comes to laying the foundations, while you’re preparing to join your local team on the track.  Use our experience and strategies to advance your skills on the track to improve your contributions to your team.  Wherever you’re at, we’ll custom tailor your best performance program.

APECS On-Skate Coaching can help you become the skater, derby player, or referee, that you want to be by improving your skating skills.

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APECS On-Skate Performance Coaching Package (recommended)

The APECS Performance Package is our best value.  When you join the APECS team under this package you get continuous performance coaching for 4 months.  After your custom 4 month program, you will have the skills necessary to continue improving your performance on the track, for a lifetime of skating.

When you choose the  APECS Performance Coaching Package you receive everything in the APECS Skating Foundations, Derby Fundamentals, plus access to Experienced Derby Skill of your choice.

    • Strategies to become more productive so you can continuously focus on what is important to you
    • Training sessions that allow you to work towards improving your Derby Skills
    • Monthly
      • 2-accountability calls(8 total)
      • 4 emails (16 total)


APECS Skating Foundations

If you’ve never been on skate, or it’s been several years or more, and now you find yourself filled with the desire to go fast, glide smoothly, and make a positive lifestyle change, then don’t miss out on APECS Skating Foundations Training Program.  At APECS we understand that there are different strokes for different folks.  Whether you want to learn to skate to play roller derby, referee, or establish a new fitness activity, your APECS Skating Foundations Training Program will make those dreams a reality.

    • Individualized 6 Week Training Program based on your experience and skill
    • Training sessions that develop the foundations for strong and safe roller skating
    • Access to experienced, empathetic, and successful coaching of novice skaters
    • Monthly
      • 2-accountability calls
      • 4 emails


APECS Derby Fundamentals

So you already know how to skate on quads, but really want to make sure you’re skills on the track are where you want them to be?  Then the Derby Fundamentals Training Program is key to unlocking your roller derby future.  With APECS Derby Fundamentals, your time, dedication, and perseverance determine when you can achieve your roller derby goals.

    • Custom tailored 4 Week Training Program
    • Strategies that focus on the skills you want to use on the track
    • Training sessions that allow you to work towards improving your Derby Skills
    • Monthly
      • 2-accountability calls
      • 4 emails