Off-Skate Coaching


Off-Skate Coaching

We get it!  You don’t always have access to the the rink, but you still want to improve your derby skills

I don’t need to tell you that strength, speed, agility, quickness, and conditioning are very important aspects of Roller Derby.  Let APECS optimize your time outside the rink by creating the best Performance program for you!!

APECS Performance Coaching can improve your skills on skate, improve your overall health and well-being, and increase your productivity making you a Performance Machine on and off the track.

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APECS Performance Coaching Package (recommended)

The APECS Performance Package is our best value.  When you join the APECS team under this package you get continuous performance and nutrition coaching through the year.  When the year is done, you will have the skills necessary to continue a lifetime of health, nutrition, fitness, and performance.

With the APECS Performance Coaching Package you receive everything in the APECS Strength and Conditioning Program plus a nutrition plan and coaching through the year.  The coaching will provide on the spot strategy changes, progressions, motivation, and productivity management.

  • Includes:
    • Nutrition plan and coaching
    • Strength and Conditioning Plan with on the spot changes and progressions
    • Movement Assessment and Corrective Exercises
    • Strategies to become more productive so you can continuously focus on what is important to you
    • Workout that will work towards improving your Derby Skills
    • Monthly
      • 2-Acountability calls
      • 4 emails

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APECS Strength and Conditioning Program

We guarantee that if you follow this program you will be better than before!

Don’t have access to a rink 24/7, yet want to keep working on becoming a Derby Beast?  Then you need an APECS Strength and Conditioning Program.

This program is designed to give you a 4 week strength and conditioning program.  You will receive a customized, researched based performance program that focuses on your specific needs and goals.  The program will start with a movement assessment which we will base your program on.  The program will include fun warm-ups for pre-workout and pre-skate, the most personalized and awesome workout routines that utilize the equipment that you have access to, and the strategies to form the habits to succeed.  The performance program you receive will be designed to improve your derby skills and will be based on your schedule.

-Individualized 6 Week Strength and Conditioning Program

-Movement Assessment and Correctives

-1 accountability call

-2 emails

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APECS Team Performance Coach                                

 A strength and condition coach is a full time job with an average salary of $37,000.  It may be hard for a team to fund that, but we have a solution…..

Let APECS be your coach!!! For the fraction of the cost APECS  will be your strength and conditioning coach providing knowledge and skills gained from working with professional and elite sports programs.  APECS uses a movement assessment to design a program that is customized to your team’s needs.  We work together to create pre-practice warm-ups to fit your teams schedule.  We will provide a progressive strength and conditioning program, speed and quickness drills, and injury management and recovery guidelines for your team.  APECS provides continuous coaching through the year.

Not only do we address the team as a whole but we focus on specific needs.  This program will benefit every single member on your team.  We focus on the needs.

You will not get a more knowledgeable coaching staff than here at APECS!!!

If your team is ready to maximize their potential click here!


-Movement Assessment

-Progressive Strength and Conditioning program for the team

-Designed by position

-Nutrition Guide

-Weekly phone calls

-Unlimited emails

-With a side of Success!!!