3 Trash Tips for Derby Travel Nutrition

By Steven ‘Trash’ Logan

So you’ve found yourself living a dual existence, managing your professional life, and ravaging the track on 8 wheels.  If you’ve been in the game long enough to roster for your local team, regardless of the level of play, you’ve found that nutrition plays a vital role in how well you perform.  By now, you’re probably making those lifestyle changes that you once thought impossible.  Way to go!  But what about your travel plan?

More than likely, you find your weekends filled with venturing to clinics, or even better, a roller derby convention or two. Ah, the coveted derby con.  Days filled with on and off skate classes, as well as all of the scrimmage play you can handle.  I don’t know about you, but I enjoy the mental and cardiovascular challenge of multiple scrimmage days.  Want to be able to perform at your peak throughout your entire convention?  Then follow these 3 easy tips.

  1. Habitually Hydrate for Health.  The main staple of all health & wellness is drinking plenty of water.  My go to option, for staying hydrated on derby trips, is buying 2 gallon jugs of water per day.  Here’s another, more ergonomic, affordable option.
    Brita Sport Water Bottle $15.99 for 2 20oz bottles
  2. Pack Plentiful Provisions.  Nutrient dense foods accomplish 2 things for you.  They satisfy your hunger (longer), and they don’t leave you stuffed.  Keeping your body fueled for peak performance shouldn’t come with the price of feeling weighed down or sluggish.  Grab these, or similar items to keep you going strong.
    Slower Carbs & Healthy Fat for Sustained Energy (e.g. granola, nuts)
    Organic Granola Bars $23.14 for 30 1.2 oz bars           
    choconut - Copy
    KIND Granola $11.73 for 3 11oz bags
    Mauna Loa $4.98 for 4.5 oz

    Faster Carbs for Higher Energy Demands (e.g. dried stone fruit, dried berries & cherries)
    Organic Large Dried Apricots $14.75 for 1lb
    Dried Figs & Dates $19.99 for 2 lbs
    Protein & Healthy Fats (e.g. beef jerky, canned fish)
    100% Grass-Fed Beef Sticks $19.95/12                       
    beef stick

    Epic All Natural Meat Bar $28.41 for 12 pack
    meat bar
    Smoked Red Sockeye Salmon $6.99 for 3oz pouch          

    Supplements Improve Hydration and Nutrient Intake, for Superior Recovery  by Reducing Soreness, Increasing Energy and Focus (e.g. electrolyte powders/chews, protein powder, vegetable supplement)
    Pedialyte 8 Pack  $8.99        
    Gress-Fed Whey Protein $15.29/lb
    protein - Copy
    Greens+ $21.19 for 8.46oz
  3. Carry Copious Containers.  Great for mixing and carrying your supplements/food. The wire whisk is best when it comes to mixing powder, but be sure to rinse thoroughly after each use.  They also work great for portioning your food and supplements for each meal/snack.  Even better, if your hotel has breakfast, use them to snag some orange juice, fresh fruit, dry cereal, or bagels and muffins.
    Ziploc Sandwich Bags $9.60 for 150                                 

    Blender Bottle $6.99

Now that we’ve covered your bases, it’s time to plan.  Again, everything starts with hydration, so begin increasing your water consumption throughout your day of travel.  If you’re flying to your destination, be sure to portion out a few of your favorite foods for carry on, depending on your travel time.  Store the rest of your food and containers in your check-in luggage.  If you’re driving, be sure to grab a cooler and some ice.  I prefer to bag my ice in gallon size freezer bags to prevent water damage.  You can also freeze some disposable water bottles to use as ice pack, so that when they thaw out, BAM, you’ve got more water.  Remember, the more prepared you are to perform, the more you can focus on actually performing.

So there you have it, 3 easy to follow tips for planning your nutrition on your next derby adventure.  If you want to improve the way you move on and off the track, check out Greg’s post, 5 Exercises you aren’t doing that will improve your Derby Skills!!!  Perform the 5 exercises when you arrive at your destination, in the morning upon waking, as an off-skate warmup, or between after skating sessions.  Now make your derby training your own, and go reach your next peak performance!

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